Real Estate Acquisition Services

Helping Families Sell Unwanted Land

Turn your unwanted land into quick cash with our no-hassle land acquisition program.  In most cases, we can put cash in your hand within 30 days.  Click below to learn more.

About Our Company

Sunny Acres would like to purchase your unwanted Real Estate.  Our mission is to help you rid yourself of that land or property you no longer need. We specialize in finding those forgotten and, “the-dream-has-changed” properties, then putting them in the hands of new owners.

We want to be the husband/wife team that comes to mind when you are looking to sell quickly and easily.  We will assist you throughout the entire process ensuring the transaction is as smooth as possible.

Are you stuck owning property with family members and wish you were able to sell your portion?  Good news!  We will purchase your percentage of the property and get you the cash you need.  We specialize in transactions of undivided interest.

Sunny Acres Offer Letter

Did You Receive an Offer?

Most likely, you are visiting this website from the offer we sent you.  Yes! It is a real offer, and yes we are a real company.

The process is simple, you can sign and return the document you received (via email or USPS) or simply press the orange button below and we will get started.  Once received, we will verify a handful of small details, then contact a title company in your county to get it closed.

Our goal with this offer is to open a conversation, if you are interested in selling.

For those visiting this site who did not receive an offer letter, we are interested in discussing your surplus or unwanted property.

Use the button at the bottom of this page to tell us a little about your property, and we will contact you to open that discussion.

The People

John and JoAnn are the people behind Sunny Acres.  We have been buying and selling real estate since 2003 out of the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  This company was started in effort to help our son, and other athletes, on their journey to the Olympics; full time jobs were not enough.

Do You Want to Discuss Your Property?